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About: i love sewing and cosplay. this is what i do in my free time. i hope you like what i make:)

first, this dress looks more complicated than it is. it’s basically a wrap dress.

the dress is made from a dark red fabric, and lined with somthing like satin of silk in the same color. my dress is not lined for 2 reasons: 1. i’m lazy, 2. israel is very hot and if this dress will be lind i will probably die during convention.

i got 8 meters of a dark red fabric and has plenty of leftovers.

Step 1: Draping the Pattern

I started by draping the the pattern onto my dressform.

Step 2: The Bodice

then i made a mockup and made some adjustments to my pattern.

i cutted it out of the fabric.

Step 3: The Skirt

the next thing was the skirt. she has kind of a circle skirt, so the top has no gathers or pleats. i’ve made some calculations and cut the skirt panels.

this a wrap dress, so the skirt has two overlapping panels.

Step 4: The Sleeves

the next thing is the sleeves. her sleeves are tight fitting from to above the elbow, and then they become big and fall to the floor.

i started by figuring out the pattern for the tight fitting part, made a mockup and then i cutted the sleeves.

Step 5: The Necklace

Step 6:

first i made a pattern and cut the pieces out of cardboard.

Step 7:

then i covered each piece with hot glue.

Step 8:

i glued the red stone in the middle of one of the pieces.

i took some wire, and bent it and glued it to connect the pieces.

Step 9:

i painted it black, and then gold. than i formed it into shape, and that's it!

Step 10: Take Some Awesome Pictures!

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    8 months ago

    Daaaang that dress turned out beautifully!! :)


    10 months ago on Step 10

    Wow! You are MY TYPE OF A CREATIVE LADY! LOVE your idea of making the necklace: looks amazing! Using the glue gun sometimes can make a magic! BRAVO my new friend! Have decided to follow you & hope that you check out my DIY-ed Cake pops on my YouTube channel & maybe subscribe to my channel, in case you have your own YT, let me know 7 we will become DIY friends;)

    2 replies

    Well! I have instagram... but I've already forgotten my password as haven't been checking in for 2 years LOL!!! but we both can meet here;)

    Tura Street

    10 months ago

    This looks great. I love it. Amazing job!

    Penolopy Bulnick

    10 months ago

    That looks fantastic! Wonderful job on that dress :)