Melody Box

Introduction: Melody Box

Hello there!

I made a box that has 3 buttons with each a different melody.

Each melody has a different LED color and goes on when a note is being played.

Whenever you push the "forward" button the melody is going faster.

The things you need:

- 1x Buzzer

- 3x LEDS

- 1x Force sensitive

- 6x 220ohm Resistors

Step 1: Breadbord

If you put everything as in the picture, you should be good to go and move on to the code!

Step 2: The Code

Download the text file and you will see my code I used.

Add a tab called pitches.h and copy paste the notes

Step 3: Building !

I used a small box because I needed to get this thing all the way to my school (cycling, train, etc) but you can choose whatever box you like ;)

Put the buttons on top of the box and soldered them. I used glue for the LEDS because I used long wires with an input wires. I also used these wires to connect the Buzzer to put it on top of the box as well.

Then you make a hole on the side of the box so you can use the USB for the Arduino UNO.

(Don't forget to glue/tape the Breaboard and Arduino, or they will move around too much inside the box)

Now you can close the box :)

Step 4: Decoration

Now you can decorate your box!

I drew 1, 2 and 3 for the buttons and the >> icon for forward.

And I drew BB8 as an icon for the 1rst button, The Ring icon for the 2nd and a piano icon for the 3rd.

Now you're finished. Enjoy! :D

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    2 years ago

    This could be really fun to use like a sound effects machine :)