Melody Maker Keyboard

Introduction: Melody Maker Keyboard

Hello Guys This Is Our First Instructable....

Here We Show U How To Make A Melody Making Keyboard With Scrap..

It Has Two Modes Auto And Self...

It is a toy made from scratch...

It is made from many simple things found at home basically...

Please Help us in making this a success...

We are now trying to make it simpler...

So Lets Begin!!

Step 1: Materials Required..

First Of All We Need An Old Keyboard...(Basically We Used An Old Keyboard With A Big Chip For All Keys Not Like Of Todays That Have Plastic sheets...)


You Can Also Make Your Own Keyboard By Using PCB And Tactical Push Buttons Soldered In Parallel Connection..

And then all these items..

  • An old Musical Multi Tone Bell..With Dc Input And Wired One..(
  • A Switch(common electrical Switch...)
  • A Multimeter for testing(
  • Soldering Apparatus.
  • Your Logos Plus Colourful Cartoon prints..
  • Thermocole
  • Colours
  • Wires..
  • Tapes
  • Scissors
  • LEDs(optional)
  • USB Charger Plus USB Jack(For Auto Mode)

You Need All These Items For This Instructable...

Step 2: Soldering

The Key Of Keyboard Are Basically Switches That Complete Connection...

A Key Have Two wire Slots Just Like A Switch They Don't Have Any - + Just Solder On Any One Of Them...

Solder Red Wires First...To Any Point Of the Keys From The two...

Then Solder The Black wire To The Other One..

Solder All wires To The Keyboard From keys/switches..

Usually There Are Two Wires Solder all Black Wires To Negative And Red To Positive..

Remember All Connections Should Be In Parallel..

and One More Important Thing U Should Be An Expert In Soldering...

With The Help Of Multimeter solder LEDs To The Place Where The Positive And Negative Wires Are Coming...

*OPTIONAL-You Can Also Make Your Own Keyboard with The Help Of A Big PCB And Some Tactical Push Buttons..Connected In Parallel..

Step 3: Finish..

Add a switch to the bell where the cell are put

Add Your Own thermocole casing with your logos and much more..

If your keyboard is ps/2 then change it to usb with the help of this link..

Then Connect This To Usb Charger ...

Then It Automatically switch to auto mode ..

If You Had Made This Keyboard with PCB You Will Not Be able To Enjoy Auto Mode..

Our Final Videos Are Attached At Last...See Them For More Details..

Thank You..

Step 4: TroubleShooting..

Check All Negative Wires And Positive Wires..

Check surely That No Negative Wire Should Be Connected To Positive Wires

Its should be easy With MultiMeter

Check All Cells Of Bell That They're Connected...

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    5 years ago

    I don't exactly know what you're trying to show us how to do. If you could explain a bit more that would be great!

    Mr AbAk
    Mr AbAk

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks For Telling us We Have Improved our Instructable Hope U Like It...