Melon-Berry Refresher

This is the perfect summer cocktail. Fruity, light, and refreshing.


- Seedless watermelon

- Fresh basil, 3-4 leaves

- Ice

- 1.5oz. strawberry-basil infused gin

- Tonic


Step 1: Cut

Cut a piece of watermelon that's the perfect size to fit in the bottom of your glass.

Step 2: Muddle Basil

In a highball glass, muddle the basil.

Step 3: Muddle Watermelon

Add and muddle watermelon.

Step 4: Ice

Fill the glass with ice.

Step 5: Pour Gin

Pour 1.5oz. of strawberry-basil infused gin. Instructable for strawberry-basil gin here.

Step 6: Tonic

Fill with tonic.

Step 7: Imbibe

Enjoy your perfect summer cocktail!



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