Memes Using Photoshop

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We choose our project to be making memes using photoshop because learning how to use photoshop is a good attribute in the future and there's no better ways to enjoy it by making memes with it.


  • Computer that has Adobe Photoshop
  • Internet
  • Google
  • Know what a meme is
  • big brain

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Step 1: How to Find Memes

  • Go on google
  • Search something your interested in
  • go to images
  • right click the image
  • click "save image" or "copy image"

Step 2: How to Put Memes on Photoshop

  • Drag saved meme onto photoshop
  • Confirm it
  • Rasterize it by right clicking and selecting

Step 3: How to Make Meme and Save It

  • Go to the tools on the left
  • Left click them
  • Experiment and add anything to it
  • After your done, click on "File"
  • Click "Save As"
  • Set it to either JPG, PNG, or PDF
  • JPG=normal photo PNG=transparent background PDF=Photoshop/Your still working on it

Step 4: Tips for Making This Project:

  • Watch YouTube to get more creative and improve on photoshopping

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