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Introduction: Memo Board

Hey everybody!

I love to spend time on instructables - and after reading silently for some years, it's time now for my first own instruction ;) I hope it's understandable and maybe even gives some inspiration to some of you.
Comments, improvements, any ideas or questions are very wellcome!

Moving into a new flat in december our walls stayed quite empty for a long time. Finally, at the end of april I decided it's time to put up a memo board to the wall next to my desk.
And here is what I made - no totally new idea, of course. Inspired by lots of boards I saw in shops, flats and the internet as well as by some pieces of wood which happened to stay unused after the moving...

What do you need?
a piece of wood - in my case the old back board of an kitchen cupboard
a saw - in case your piece of wood doesn't fit your idea of the size you want for the board
some pieces of cardboard
cutter and ruler
wallpaper paste - or any other kind of glue (to fix the cardboard to the piece of wood)
a piece of fabric in a colour you like and which fits to your room (the fabric should be bigger than your piece of wood so that you can fix it on the backside)
a staple gun with staples

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Step 1:

First cut your piece of wood to the size you want it to be - then cut the cardboard to the same size. As I didn't have one piece of cardboard which was big enough I used two smaller ones and put them next to eachother.

Then glue the cardboard to the piece of wood. Remember to also glue something on the other side as the paper/glue combination will otherwise bend the wood! Let it dry.
(obviously I forgot - I had to keep the board some days under a pile of heavy books to even it again and it's still a bit bended...)

Step 2:

Cut your fabric to the right size so that it's a bit larger than the wood/cardboard. Fold the fabric around and fix it with staples at the backside.
Put the ribbon to the front and fix it at the backside as well - depending on the size of your board and how you want to use it. If you want to fix pictures/cards/whatever behind/with the ribbon you need more of it and you should fix it not only at the back (as I did) but also on the front in regular intervals to make sure your cards don't fall down.
I am using paper clips and thumbtacks to fix pictures, cards and tickets.

For fixing your memo board to the wall you can either use some piece of ribbon (see the pictures) or use some hangers for picture frames...  aaand: you are done!

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