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Introduction: Memo in a Mug Prank

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Of all the ways to prank someone, it is almost always the element of surprise when doing a routine thing that tends to have the best pay off. But one thing makes this all the more enjoyable: simplicity.

In this simple but possibly disturbing prank, we'll write a secret message at the bottom of a coffee mug, and wait patiently as the "victim" enjoys their morning cup of Jo- that is, of course, until the message reveals itself on the bottom of the mug or cup...

Let's get started!

Step 1: Choosing & Prepping the Mug or Cup

As a person who cannot start their day without a caffeinated beverage, your victim will usually have a favorite mug they use on the daily. This makes it ripe for picking and hacking. However, if your victim doesn't have a designated mug, you can write different memos on all of your mugs.

You can also use paper cups for this prank.

Step 2: Paper Cup Method

You can use any paper cup for this method, along with a sharpie permanent pen.

Simply think of a mischievous message that your victim would not like to see at the bottom of their cup, and write it on the inside bottom. Depending on how tall your cups are, writing legibly could prove to be challenging, just try to keep it clean.

Hand your victim the cup with an opaque drink inside (non-transparent, so no water or sprite.) And try not to giggle as you wait patiently for them to finish their beverage. muahahaha

Step 3: Mug Method

For this method, you will need glass paint and a mug. I used Martha Stewart Opaque glass paint in Habanero Red.

The tip for this brand made it perfect for writing out letters. This paint is food safe, but will need to be baked in order to cure completely, then will be permanent.

For baking: Allow project to air dry 1 hour, place in cool oven. Set temperature to 350 degrees F and bake for 30 minutes. Glass must heat gradually or it will shatter due to extreme temperature change. After 30 minutes, turn oven off. Let glass cool completely in oven.

You're done. Now wait for your victim to finish his/her coffee and look at the if-only-brief look of concern on their face as they read the hidden message.



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    23 Discussions

    non-toxic does not imply safe to injest

    Love it hey want something to drink muhahaha

    Is this as permanent as the word implies? My office mate has a beloved mug and I think she'd be very upset if this doesn't wash out.

    5 replies

    Provided the glaze isn't scratched up or cracking, isopropyl alcohol should remove it. 91% isopropyl alcohol is the best one to use. Works well on removing from your fingers and upholstery too.

    I read that as "Works well on removing your fingers and upholstery too."! Laughed so hard I'm wheezing...

    Yikes, it is hard to type correctly without all my fingers (as I sit here on the bare foam slabs of my sofa).

    Obviously make that "it removes the ink from the fingers and upholstery too". But if it melted fingers like it does silly putty that would be horrifying.

    really permanent, you would need a strong abbrassive to remove and it might damage the cup doing so, procide with caution!

    Although baking the porcelain paint claims to cure it permanently, it can be scrubbed off. I speak from experience. =)

    I know right, even the air is a chemical!!!! ahh!!!!

    I just think that there are quite a few people out there who would feel more "pranked" by the presence of sharpie in their drink than the message itself. One should just really know their audience before doing this prank.

    Wonderful! Magic Eraser (like Arm and Hammer) will remove sharpie from a ceramic mug. As a physician (seriously, I am) I can assure you that your amazing body will LAUGH at a few microns of sharpie ink.

    It says on Martha Stewart's website that this paint is NOT food grade safe. It's very dangerous for someone to ingest these chemicals!


    This is so cool! I can see using this for love notes, too.

    Also, I'm not afraid of the teeny-tiny bit of Sharpie ink I'd drink.

    Though you can be safe in the mind it's non-toxic its not a pleasant prankfor the person who isn't in mind. Please don't use sharpies and use food ink if required.

    p.s. it would take 1oz of non-toxic sharpie to still make a problem. But that's not the point.

    That could be dangerous