Memorial Necklace




Introduction: Memorial Necklace

I am making this necklace in memory of my mother who just recently passed.  She loved bulky necklaces and pearls. 

This necklace is made from freshwater pearl earrings

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

I found a bulk quantity of freshwater pearl earrings on sale at on of those jewelry TV channels, 200 pairs for about $20.  The jewelry tools for this project, I used the needle nose pliers, the bent nose pliers and the round nose pliers for bending and hooking the earring posts.

Step 2: Bending the Earring Posts

I used the needle nose pliers to hold the post at the base and then used the round nose pliers to do the bending.  I learned that if you hold one hand still and only bend using one wrist it is easier to control the loop's shape.   

Be sure to bend the loop leaving only a small opening to hook the loops together.  It is easier to bend all the posts to loops before hooking them together.  It may take a few practice tries to get the desired loop shape.

Step 3: Hook the Posts Together

Now using the needle nose pliers to hold one closed loop post, use the bent nose pliers to hook a looped post on.  The bent nose pliers are easier to use and still see your work. 

Then just bend the loop closed.  Continue hooking the loops and closing until you get your desired length of necklace.  

I like to make necklaces that fit over my head easily.

Step 4: Finish With a Cameo

I will finish the necklace with a cameo of my mother hanging in the middle. 

I will make one with the 3D printer, or order it made from a 3D printing site.

I know other family members will love to get a cameo too.  I could make many.

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    2 years ago

    Awesome work. I love it...