MemoryStick Wallet Caddy




After seeing and I decided to make my own caddy taking elements from both instructables but only using credit cards (and some superglue).

What you need...

4 creditcards/giftcards etc

Stanley/craft knife


15 minutes

This is my first Instructable so if you make one, can think of an improvement or try this with a different type of memory card please leave a comment!
Blatant plug but the full resolution pictures can be found on my homepage

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Step 1: Measure and Cut the First Card.

You may want to draw round the memory cards, but i was feeling brave so i just cut around the card.

Step 2: Glue the First Card to the Second

I put glue over one side of the cut card in very small stripes and down the prongs in between the cut out parts.
I didn't realize how quickly (instantly) the glue would bond so id advise making sure the cards are lined up perfectly before you press the together hehe, luckily mine were lined up quite well :D

Step 3: Cut Out the Second Card

Just slice out using the top card as a template.
Check the memorystick in each slot to make sure its a snug fit.

Step 4: Cut Out the Notches on Both Face Cards.

Slice out some notches so you can pull out the cards when needed.
I just went for the straight edges for this one but if I make another I would like to have tapered edges.
Again I did this free hand but obviously when measured and cut properly it would be much neater.

Step 5: Glue Those to Your Face Cards.

I forgot to cut the notches before I glued down so I did it after lol.
Pretty much the same as step two.
Thin stripes of glue across the body and down the prongs,line up the cards and line up the cards and press together.

Step 6: All Done.

Put your memorysticks in and stick it in your wallet!
I hope you enjoyed my first instructable!

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    8 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

     Great Instructable! This seems like it'd be really sturdy, good job!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea. I like this.

    Just a sec, let me .//hack myself up...

    //open_memory_block {4823319}
    .//write{When storing something thin and possibly fragile, use gift cards}
    .//close_memory_block {4823319}

    *** database update completes ***

    2 replies

    ahhhh another child of the 80's....I loved ulysses 31 and mysterious cities of gold (which was made by the same company) :) thanks for the comment, I've made a m2 memory card holder out of more giftcards and a broken umd so I can store them all in the umd tray of my psp, ill make an Instructable later on today after I've spoilt my wife for a while because its our second anniversary today :D

    Awsome, congratulations. I'm about 3 months from my 2nd year anniversary too. U31 made me who I am today. Family oriented, technology clad, laser gun-blade, wrist shield wielding, captain of a lost ship, cursed by the gods in every turn, but destined to arrive at my hot wife's busom, just as the kids awake from their long slumber!


    Yeah, ive been sat with my son designing the next one which will have slots for 6-8 micro sd cards and one for the micro sd to full size sd adaptor. Ill build it and make the instructable as soon as i get enough gift cards together to make it. :)