Men Organizer (Great for a Gift)



Intro: Men Organizer (Great for a Gift)

Maybe you don't find the perfect gift for him, or just want a way to organize all your things and have some space on your night drawer. This is the perfect idea for you.

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Step 1: Wood From and Old Project

I just have some plywood laying around from an old project.

Step 2: Planing the Perfect Size

To plan the perfect size place your thing on top of the plywood. Next step is to draw the pattern.

Step 3: Cutting the Plywood

I doesn't need to be perfect so I just cut the plywood following the lines.

Step 4: Sanding

The most important part when you work with wood, sanding! This make all the difference between a good looking organizer and a old wood mess.

Step 5: Before and After

The final result is a nice an easy way to organize your night drawer.

Hope you like it :)!

If you like this please visit my blog:



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