Mentos and Soda Show

 You see videos on where people made geysers from Mentos and Soda. Soda has carbon dioxide which causes the soda to foam up when the mentos is dropped in the soda. Diet Coke is used because it has the most carbon dioxide in that soda compared to any other soda there is. Soda and Mentos works because the numerous amount of pores in the candy’s surface catalyze the release of Carbon Dioxide gas from the soda resulting in a rapid explosion of foam. If you want to show your friends an awesome show try this to impress them.

Step 1: List

1) Soda (Diet Coke)
2) Mentos
3) Geyser Tube
4) Have about 15 to 20 Geyser Tubes and Soda. Have about 3 or 4 mentos in each geyser tube

Step 2: Steps

Step 1: Get the Geyser tube on the top of the bottle of soda
Step 2: Put the mentos inside the Geyser tube.
Step 3: Pull the string on the geyser tube when you want to drop the mentos into the soda
Step 4: Pull the string at different times to make a show
Step 5: Record how high the geyser goes up (If you want)



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