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Introduction: Menu Board

I found the frame at a thrift store for $2.00. The green one is from a old fence board that I scored when my neighbor fixed an area of his fence. I used 7 clothes pins for each. A piece of burlap that is 22 length x 5 width which I have left over from a wedding last year. The lace on the green and yellow boards is from a thrift store table cloth. I glued four small pieces of baseboard from scraps to make the card holder for the green board.

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Step 1: Gather All Your Supplies..

Pick a paint color and coat the board and let dry. If you want to add a card holder find either a small box or glue scraps to make a box by glueing the front to the side pieces, the add the bottom. Once the glue is dry take the box and glue to the painted board and paint. While you are letting the box dry position the clothes pins where you want them and mark the board. Print out a design for the word "menu" to modge podge and cut out circles to write the days of the week on. Another option is to simply write the days on the clothes pins.

Step 2: Embellishments and Finish Up

I attach the burlap to the board using spray adhesive. Then on the yellow board added the lace with spray adhesive. ( I have used modge podge before and it works too but takes longer.) I leave 4" at top to place the word menu and space out my clothes pins based on if I have a box on the bottom or not. The scrabble tiles on the green board were glue to card stock that I punched with a 2" circle punch. I added twine bows on each and a button to the box with the bow. Have fun and go crazy or keep it simple when finishing the board.

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