Mercedes G for My Son.




The project has brought me joy as a father and sparkles in the eyes of my son.

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Step 1: Lucky

During the time of removal of waste material to the dump I was lucky.
I met an acquaintance who also came to the dump to put down the child car battery that he does not need. And the project started.

Step 2: Dismantling and Dyeing.

I disassembled The car as much as possible.

I tape the parts that they could not be disassembled. I sanded old paint and painted everything with praymer for plastics. This was followed by dyeing with red color.

Step 3: Impatience

My son was very excited.
The workshop has already tested his new car.

Step 4: Joy.

When the project was completed was followed by pleasure and satisfaction of small and big children.

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    3 years ago

    Very impressive transformation--the car looks brand new! :)