Mercedes S & E Class Wabco Air Suspension Compressor Removal



It is very common that the piston ring seal within the Wabco compressor wears down reducing compressor performance leading to noisy, slow rising or even inactive air suspension. This guide shows how to remove the compressor so that the piston ring can be replaced using our repair kit, available from us X8R Ltd.

Please be aware of any safety measures and take precautions where necessary, i.e. relevant lifting gear as well as restricting the vehicle from any unintentional movement.

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Step 1:

CAUTION: Please remember to disconnect the battery before you start any work on the vehicle.

1.The Compressor is located on the driver side of the vehicle, just behind the front bumper.

Step 2:

1. Disconnect both, the pressure and air filter line from the compressor unit.

2. Next you want to disconnect the 2 electrical connectors from the compressor.

Step 3:

1. Unscrew the three nuts (shows in the pictures below) and remove the compressor unit. When re-installing remember bring torque up to 3 Nm/ 2.2 Lb - ft.

Step 4:

Removal complete, when re-fitting compressor just install it in reverse order.

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