Meringue Delights




Easy and creative meringue cookies great for parties and holidays and guaranteed to wow your guests and family!!

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Step 1: -Prepare Your Tools and Equipment

*mixer (hand, automatic)
*rubber spatula
*baking sheet tray
*parchment paper
*cling wrap
*measuring cup (dry and wet)
*piping bag
*piping tip (large)
*measuring spoons

Step 2: -Prepare the Ingredients

“Basic meringue cookie”
*granulated sugar (1cup)
*egg whites (4large eggwhites or 1/2cup)
*cream of tartar (1/8 tsp)
[substitute for 1/2tsp cream of tartar]
*1tsp of lemon juice
*1tsp of white vinegar

~Anything you wish~
Example: [preferably extracts]
*mint *peppermint
*lemon *cherry
*vanilla *strawberry

~Anything you wish~
[tart fruits goes perfect with the sweet meringue]
*blueberry *blackberry
*strawberry *mint
*raspberry. *oreo
*chocolate chips *marshmallows

-food coloring is optional-
(Add it while mixing it)

Step 3: -Advance Preparation

*make sure everything is clean and dry
*parchment paper is cut and ready for the pan
*piping tip inside the bag
*preheat the oven (225f = 107c)
*pre-measure the ingredients

Step 4: -Separate the Eggs

*have two bowls ready
*one for the egg white and one for the yolk
*crack the egg and separate the yolk from the eggwhite using the shells
[you could use soda bottles to suck the yolk away from the whites]
*make sure there is no egg shell or yolk mixed with the egg white

-save the yolk for flan or making pasta-
“Never waste”

Step 5: -Whisking the Eggs

*prepare the mixer (make sure the bowl and the whisk is clean)
*pour the egg whites in the bowl
*start your mixer from the lowest setting
*gradually work your way to the max speed of your mixer
*whisk till the egg whites comes out frothy

Step 6: -Fluff the Eggs

*while the egg whites are whisking slowly add the cream of tartar in the bowl
*mix for 2-3minutes until soft peaks form
*gradually add the sugar and keep mixing
*keep mixing until you get stiff peaks(3-4 minutes)

Step 7: -Flavor and Color

*the best time to add the flavors and colors are when after you have added the cream of tartar and sugar and in between mixing till it gets stiff peaks
*add 1tsp of flavor or extract per batch
*add food coloring per drop until you get the desired color
(Note: it’ll never get as dark as you like it unless you add it on the surface instead of the batter)

Step 8: -Bagging or Pouching

[this is a technique that pastry chefs use in decorating for a cleaner more efficient way to pipe]
[this is optional! You could stuff it in the piping bag directly if you wish to]
[this technique lets you use one bag multiple times instead of washing or throwing it out per use]

*have the cling wrap ready and spread out the table
*spoon or pour the mixture in the middle of the cling wrap like the picture
*slowly fold it and enclose it forming like a pouch like in the picture
(Make sure there are no holes)
*stuff the pouch in the piping bag
*slowly pop the pouch inside the bag away from the table (preferably on the sink or garbage can)
*after use or piping gently pull the cling wrap out of the bag and dispose of it
*you could refill it with another pouch you have created
*saves you time and a mess

Step 9: -Sheet Tray

*put a dab of meringue in the corners of the tray to keep the paper in place
*brush or spray the paper with oil to avoid sticking

Step 10: -Piping and Shaping

“This is where you get creative and try different designs”
“Try different piping tips”
“Different shapes and sizes”
“Molds can be used”
“Use your imagination”

-fruit bowls

Step 11: -Cooking

*bake it on 225f=107c for 1hour
*let the cookies rest inside the oven for another hour
*don’t open it

Step 12: -Decorating and Garnishing

“Fruit bowls”
*you could top it off with your favorite fruits
*garnish it with mint
*top it off with strawberry syrup

*you could dust it with edible glitter
*spray it with edible color
*brush it with edible paint

Step 13: -Plating

“Events or holidays”
*you could plate it on something elevated that would match the event or holiday
*the elevation would make the beautiful meringue pop out on any parties

you could put it in:
*boxes that shows the cookies inside
*decorated mason jars
*decorated cookie jars

“Give aways”
you could put it in:
*give away bags
*DIY party bags
*mini containers

-if not served and eaten immediately it could be stored in an airtight bag or container on a dry cool area
-it could last 1-2 weeks if properly stored
-if the crisps goes away it means its becoming stale and needs to be thrown out

Step 14: “ENJOY”

Now the last step of this instructable is to “ENJOY IT WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS”


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Mmm, meringues! They look delightful ;)