Meringue Ghost



Introduction: Meringue Ghost

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Super easy and fun to make :)

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

125 ml egg white

250 g sugar

flavoring oil of your choice, I use apple this time

Beat egg whites until frothy on medium speed

Add in sugar a little at a time

Once sugar dissolved, turn up to high speed and beat until firm peak

Pour in a drop or two flavoring and mix

Spoon mixture into piping bag, snip the end and start piping

Bake at 215 F for 50 minutes

Cool to room temperature and draw faces on ghosts using edible marker


NOTE: you can draw faces before baking using tinted tooth pick with black gel food, or you can press in mini choc chips, or you can tint a little meringue with black gel food coloring and pipe faces and mouth



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