Mermaid Inspired Eye Makeup

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Here is a great colourful eye look that was inspired my mermaids. The colours of mermaids are just amazing and wanted to take this onto the eyes.

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Step 1:

Apply a primer to the lip and then a skin toned eyeshadow all over the lip up into the brow.

Step 2:

Then with a light pink blend this into the crease with a large fluffy brush. With a darker pink and smaller fluffy brush also blend this in the crease.

Step 3:

Then with a aqua blue eyeshadow apply this to the lid of your eye blending into the pink. With a pencil brush apply a dark purple to the crease of the eye creating a little more depth.

Step 4:

Apply a white eyeliner to the waterline. Also apply a white highlighter to the inner corner to make the eyes pop.

Step 5:

With your eyeliner apply a wing to your eye.

Step 6:

To finish of the eyes apply mascara and false lashes.



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