Merr Sonn (a Little Bit Custom) Blasters From SW

Introduction: Merr Sonn (a Little Bit Custom) Blasters From SW

About: Few words about me: I'm really interestеd in literature and different handmade things

Back again to see another instructable?) Anyway, there is nothing hard and special, this are just plastic Mausers in SW style

Materials you need:
1. Something what looks like (1.1 cone, 1.2 tube)
2. Paint
3. Different things from.. Different things (This is scratch build, what have you expected?)
4. Mauser's copy
5. Telephone wire

Step 1: Craft!

This is the only step, you just need to craft blaster using everything you see;) I've used packages out of nozzles for the engraver, pieces of crane.. I don't know what can i write, you just need to use you imagination.

Good luck in your craft ;)

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    4 years ago

    Here's the blasters I made for my kit.