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Merry Go Around is a product design for Christmas that family and friends can play together. Do you feel nothing to do in the Christmas Eve except eating turkey? Do you feel a little bit awkward with your parents after 6 months didn't see each other? Do you don't want to play video game anymore? So here is Merry Go Around that can give you a happy Christmas!!!

My ideas is you spinning the box and try to throw a ball into the holes on the surface, and you will get different reaction by throwing into different holes.

There will be 5 different reaction, one is related to LEDs, other 4 are related to sound:

1: The Christmas will bright

2.It will say: Merry Christmas Charlie Brown

3:It will play a Christmas song

4.It will say: I feel depressed

5.Is there anyone knows Christmas?

So let's see how we make it happen.

Step 1: Step 1: Parts, Tools, Supplies

Step 2: Step 2: Circuit Diagram and Code

Here is my circuit diagram and code for photo sensor.

Basically I added a photo resistor into every circuit so that I can use the brightness of the light to control the circuit.

<p>void loop()<br>{
 int lightLevel = analogRead(lightPin); //Read the
                                        // lightlevel
 lightLevel = map(lightLevel, 0, 900, 255, 0); 
         //adjust the value 0 to 900 to
         //span 0 to 255</p><p> Serial.println(lightLevel);</p><p> //lightLevel = constrain(lightLevel, 0, 255);//make sure the 
                                           //value is between 
                                           //0 and 255</p><p> if (lightLevel > 0) {          //which means the ball is not in basket                             
 analogWrite(ledPin, 0);  //write the LED off
  analogWrite(ledPin, 255); // write the LED on
 }</p><p> Serial.println(lightLevel);

Step 3: Step 3: Circuit Construction From Prototype to Soldered

I connected all the circuit and did soldering for LEDs.

The circuit for LED:

1. Parallel 8(or more) red LEDs

2.Connect the photo resistor circuit on breadboard and Arduino UNO

3.Connect the soundboard circuit on breadboard and Arduino UNO

4.Download sound chips from Internet and upload into the soundboard

5.Upload the code to Arduino UNO


Step 4: Step 4: Form & Material

1. Use drill press to drill hole on the lazy Susan as I show on the pictures, the size doesn't matter but make sure the ball can go through.

2.Built container for ball and photo resistors, make sure the ball won't hit the sensor and easy to take away form the container.

3.Stick the containers onto the box.

4.Put Arduino UNO, breadboard, power bank into the box, put the connected LEDs on the Christmas tree

5. Hang the Christmas tree

6. Stick the ribbons

Step 5: Step 5: Celebrate and Call to Action

Final Vedio Please check my video! Here is my work so far now, you can throw the ball as well as spinning the main part, when you throw to different holes, they will give you different reactions.



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