Mesmerising DIY Oil Hourglass

Introduction: Mesmerising DIY Oil Hourglass

Today, I will show you how to create a DIY Oil Hourglass.

Materials Needed:

~ 2 Bottles (With Caps)

~ 1 Cup (With Water)

~ Food Colouring (Any Colour)

~ Oil bottle

~ 2 Straws

~ Electrical / Insulation Tape (For Securing the 2 bottles together)

~ Hot Glue Gun (With Hot Glue Sticks)

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Step 1: Caps

Take Bottle Caps off Bottles and glue the 2 caps together by the flat end.

Next, drill 2 holes side by side, each hole closer to the outside than the inside.

Cut the straw, each about 5cm. Then, put the straws into the holes in the bottle caps,

one side short, one side long. Only 2 straws should be seen if you put it horizontal as

shown in the picture.

Step 2: Filling the Bottles

So, after you are done with the Bottle Caps, it is time to mix the food colouring and fill the bottles.

Now, use a straw to fill the cup (with water) with some food colouring. Put the straw in, and cover the top hole

with your finger and the food colouring will stay in the straw. Next, transfer the food colouring to the cup with

water, and mix well.

Fill the bottles using a funnel. (I used a DIY funnel) Use a straw to let the air escape and allow the liquids to

move in to the bottle. Fill one bottle full with food colouring water and one with oil full to the brim.

Step 3: Cap It Up!

Now, all you have to do is cap up the bottle with oil and tip the food colouring water and cap it too!

Now, watch the Magic happen.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you will try this experiment and create your very own fascinating hourglass!

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    Tip 1 year ago

    I like your idea.
    Maybe if you add a GIF when your oil hourglass finish and work