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Introduction: Message to the Future/ Time Capsule Project

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Courtesy of Juliet Wayne

instant camera and film
empty jar with lid
Mod Podge ( for decoupage)
small sponge brushes with wooden handles old magazines colored paper
scissors glitter

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Step 1: 1

Write a message to a future version of yourself. Tell yourself
something important that you want to remember. Remind yourself of what
is on your mind today. (Try to avoid asking yourself questions- the
time difference makes it difficult for you to answer yourself). If you
want to just draw a picture, that's okay,too.

Step 2: 2

Have your picture taken. This will be a record of what you looked
like on this day. Smiling is encouraged but not required. Looks of
existential dispair are encouraged as well, though you might be
embarresed by these pictures later on.

Step 3: 3

Select an empty jar and place the message and picture inside of it.
Twist the lid on real tight.

Step 4: 4

Using the provided magazines and colored paper cut out shapes and
images that speak to you. You will be useing these to decorate the
outside of the jar.

Step 5: 5

Once you feel satisfied that your assortment of shapes and images
adequetly describes your present worldview and this particular phase in
your life use Mod Podge (or some other decoupage-ifing agent) and
carefully brush a liberal coat on the backside of each clipping. Now smooth the
clipping onto the jar, wherever you see fit. Repeat this step with each
piece until you are satisfied with the collage that is forming on your
jar.when you feel that it is done you can brush a coat of mod podge over
the entire face of the collaged jar and, if your feeling up for it,

Step 6: 6

Keep your messege to the future time capsule in a safe place.
Smash it open in 50 years and laugh at yourself for being so naive.

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    6 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice drawings, I wanted to make a time capsule so I think I'll do this too its easy and it would be fun. Plus putting a message to remember is good because things make people forget whats really important...


    13 years ago

    im only 13 and I don't think ill make it another 50 years


    Reply 13 years ago

    pappy says the meslins will get us before i grow up and run the farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Reply 13 years ago

    Satisfy my curiosity: what are "meslins", what does "get us" mean? Also how old are you (w/respect to the number of years until you grow up and run the farm)?


    13 years ago

    I'm crazy about your drawings! really awesome!


    13 years ago

    Very nice pictures. I like your last sentence.