Messenger Bag With Interchangeable Skins



Introduction: Messenger Bag With Interchangeable Skins

In my last tutorial, I taught you how to turn a t-shirt into an Evozip interchangeable skin.  In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make the bag for the interchangeable skins.  Once your bag is ready, you can attach any Evozip skin to your bag.  You can change the design as often as you like or you can create your own skins from old shirts, your favorite fabric or with paints.

Here is how to make the Evozip skin.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Here is what you need to get started:
1 Rock,
1 Messenger bag with a front flap that is 15" by 10"
1 Evozip skin,
1 Silver Sharpie,
4 Grommets with grommet tool Size #0, 1/4" inside diameter.
4 Jean buttons or normal buttons if you like to sew.

Step 2: Mark Hole Location With Evozip Skin.

Start by laying your Evozip skin on the messenger bag and put a dot with the Sharpie though the grommets in each corner.
You should now have four dots on your bag.

Step 3: Add Grommets

Next, use the hole punch from the grommet kit to make holes where the dots are. You may want to move the holes on the top of your bag slightly apart to give give the skin a little stretch. This keeps the skin from drooping. Use the rock to hit the grommet tool.

Of course, anyone with a well stocked tool shed can use a hammer instead of the rock.

Next, use your rock and grommet tool to put the grommets into your bag. Put the flange of the grommet on the front of the bag and the washer on the back of bag flap for a cleaner look.

Be sure the grommets are size 0# with a 1/4" inside diameter. Too small and you can not use standard buttons. Too big and the buttons may fall through.

Step 4: Add Buttons

Your bag should now have grommets in each corner. You are now ready to use the dungaree buttons. Dungaree buttons are similar to jean buttons but they have a small pin instead of a large nail. You may also use jean buttons in pinch.

Dritz Dungaree buttons are available at Joanns Fabrics.

If you do not want to use Jean Buttons you can sew on traditional buttons. You just need something for the elastic loop.

Step 5: Buttons Continued

Next place the pin of the buttons from the front of the bag so the head of the pin just touches the edge of the grommet.

The buttons on the bottom are inside the corners while the buttons on the top row are in the outside corners. This gives the skin a little pull across the top to prevent drooping.

Step 6: Put Backing on Buttons

Close up of the bottom right corner. Note that the pin is in the inside corner of the grommet.  You should wright Evozip on your bag so that people know that the bag can accept any Evozip skin.

Step 7: Add Button Heads

Now turn the front flap of the bag upside down. The pins should be sticking through.

Push the jean buttons on the pins. If you have the small pins, you just use your finger, no rock needed. If you have the large jean buttons, you may need to use a rock or hammer to get the button head on.

View of the back of your messenger bag flap. The buttons on the bottom of the flap are on the inside corners, while the buttons on the top of the bag are on the outside corner

Step 8: Attach Skin

Now attach your Evozip skin to your bag using the elastic buttons.  I am currently creating the tutorial that will show you how to make the buttons.

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