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This is a really simple, cute hair due that's a little messy but fashionable. It's perfect for medium and long hair, and also for relaxing or shopping. I'm using an American Girl Doll, but feel free to use something else.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need...
•1 brush and/or comb
•1 hair tie

Step 2: Clean, Brush, Part, Comb

Make sure that the hair you're working with is clean, brushed, combed, and parted. This makes it easier for you and your hair.

Step 3: Gather Neatly

Neatly gather your hair to the left or right side of your head. Brush it into your hand so that it's neat.

Step 4: Tie Off

To tie your hair into a messy bun, twist the band around your ponytail once. Then twist it again but with the rest, creating a bun. The. Twist once more so that your bun is tight.

Step 5: Second Twist

Step 6: Last Twist

Step 7: Back View

Now tassel your hair a bit and lightly mist it with hair spray.

Step 8: Front View

Step 9: Side View

Wear and enjoy! Hope you love it and feel free to add a bow or ribbon. Thank you so much for viewing!

Step 10: Take a Look

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