Messy College Dorm/Apartment

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My roommate and I are at college, but unfortunately all of the studying has got us bogged down, and the room could really use some organizational tools from Ikea to make things more efficient. We love to do DIY projects, especially electronics, because we are both Electronics Engineering majors. It is really difficult to study, especially at night, because there is no good lighting that wont disturb the roommate. We could use some shelves too.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    3M Command Adhesive hooks and / or just the strips. You're electrical engineers... find a structural engineer, get them to design and build a shelf out of toothpicks (that you can stick to the wall with 3M strips), you build that robot woman for them (because everyone knows that's as close as they'll get), then everyone is happy!

    Have you considered bunk beds? I had some of the same furniture, in the Army. So... if the ceilings are tall enough, we'll make you some bunk beds. Sneak around and find 4 more of the closet 3 drawer units (or 2 more desks) for each of you. If you use the 3 drawer units, also get an appropriate size piece of plywood, cut and lay over two units per side. (basically look like an ugly desk)... hoist the bed on top of that. This gives each of you two desk spaces (or modified for big closet spaces) underneath. Oh... don't forget to build and or buy a ladder!

    Good luck winning that IKEA thing! Their stuff looks much nicer!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks like you guys could use some free Ikea goodies. Good thing we're running that contest that requires you to post pics of the room and a paragraph describing your need.

    It looks like a few hangers might solve a healthy portion of your issue, should the contest not pan out.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Remove everything that isn't essential or you haven't used in the last 6 months take it home.

    Discipline yourself to PUT THINGS AWAY. all the time. A place for everything and everything in it's place. Use it - Replace it.

    Wear it - wash it hang it up.

    All of this is your doing and so in your power to fix. There is no off the shelf solution to untidy people.

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    I live 8 hours away... Can't really remove it... I need all of this, I did wash it, not much hanging space...

    Everything is in the realm of human possibility, but it sure would be easier with Ikea ^^