Messy Bun

Brush all of your hair back to get rid of any knots.

Step 1:

Put your hair up in a high pony tail. Be aware that you cannot pull your hair up tight because this may have an affect on how messy the bun will turn out.

Step 2:

Wrap your hair up in a doughnut shape around the main section of the ponytail.

Step 3:

Once you have gathered all of the hair up in a doughnut shape, tie it with a hair band (preferably the same coulor hair band as you hair tone to make it less visible).

Step 4:

Slightly separate the bunch of hair to get that messy effect.

Step 5:

And you're done! That's how easy it is to get perfect hair in minutes. Which only took me 4 minutes to get the look.

Step 6:

I found that basite spray (dry shampoo) really helps to keep the bun in place. It is currently £2:99 in my local store. But not for long, hurry!



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    2 years ago

    I will try it! My hair is a little bit shorter, so I'll have to be careful.