Met Museum Button Mini Canvas Art



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Have you saved any buttons from your visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art? If so, save them and turn them into cute mini canvas art!

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Here's what you'll need...

  • Met Museum buttons (years ago, they used to give you buttons to pin on your shirt when you visit the museum; now they use stickers; you can also buy more on eBay if you don't have any lying around in your house)
  • mini canvas (depending on the quantity of the Met Museum buttons you've saved, you'll need at least up to a 5 x 5 inch mini canvas; I'm using a 3 x 3 mini canvas, since I have 3 buttons)
  • acrylic paint in matching colors
  • small paint brush
  • scissors or an X-acto knife
  • hot glue gun (not shown)

Step 2: Paint Canvases

To begin, paint your mini canvas, and let dry.

Tip: Depending on the colors and quantity of the buttons, I suggest that you paint the canvas accordingly. I have a light blue, dark blue, and purple color palette for this take.

Step 3: Cut the Tag

Now, using an X-acto knife or regular scissors, carefully cut off the tags from the buttons, so you will be left with just the round button with the Met logo on the front.

Step 4: Glue Buttons

Then, just glue the buttons to canvas. Let dry.

Step 5: Ready to Hang

Now, you can hang your colorful memories of visiting the Met on your wall! This is the perfect gift for any art and art museum lover, like me! I've always loved visiting the Met museum, especially during my college years in the springtime, while I was working on my Bachelor's in Painting!

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