Met Card Love Heart.




Introduction: Met Card Love Heart.

Do you have an old met card that you have left over in your wallet?
Or do you just need something to do when you are bored?
Well, try this met card love heart. It is simple and a great fun thing to make.

All you need is:
1x Met card (Or other similar piece of paper)
1x set of hands

PS. Sorry for the bad quality images. I used my camera phone for this instructable.

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Step 1: First Fold

Here, all you have to do is simply fold your met card in half, longways as shown in the picture below.

Step 2: Folding the Corners.

Now, fold all corners very tiny. Not too bug, but not too small. See the picture below.

Step 3: The Tricky Part.

Now here is the hardest part, that is not really hard at all.
Fold over the right hand side, so it looks like a wonky love heart.

Step 4: Nearly Done.

Now, undo the last fold, and fold the same right hand side straight up, then do the same thing with the left hand side, and then you should get a love heart shape. If it does not look 100% perfect, you can maneuver the two side to put them straight.

Step 5: Done!

Now, just fix up the top curves of the love heart to make them look more neat and to remove the pointyness of some folds. And your done.

This can be done with other sheets of paper, or other types of materials, just as long as it can fold and that it fits the rectangular shape.

If you want to, and you have a pair of scissors handy, you can cut the edges of the heart, to make it look even better.

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    akimbo m
    akimbo m

    11 years ago on Introduction

    nice instructable... too bad connex haven't fixed the problem with our train network.