Metal Brackets for Playscape Roof

Introduction: Metal Brackets for Playscape Roof

This instructable is going to show you how to make brackets to add on a roof to an open topped play scape.
This all was made inside my local TechShop (Austin-Round Rock).

Equipment Needed:
Drill Press (With 11/32 drill bit)
Mig Welder

Material Used:

1" by 2" Steel Square Tubing (Had a tube left over from another project)
Qty 4: 3" by 3" Flat Plate (Bought from a local metal shop with predrilled holes in all 4 corners)

Step 1:

Cut the Square Steel Tubing into 2-16" lengths, and 2-18" lengths.
Once cut, you will want to wipe down the oils that are on the metal. 
(The oil is there originally to prevent corrosion, but you want to remove it before step 2)!

Step 2:

Mig weld each bar onto the center of the flat plates.

Step 3:

Mark holes for the bolts to connect the bracket to the wooden roof you'll be making.
Notice that the holes are marked in a  diagonal pattern.

Step 4: 

Drill through each mark with a drill press.

Step 5: 

Paint your color of choice!

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    If you write a proper step-by-step, and use the new editor, you can use the Pixlr editor to turn your pictures the right way up.


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    There were no boxes on the set up page, just one main box, and then a spot to upload photos.


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    That's right, there's now an Instructable that teaches you how to use the new editor. Have a look!