Metal Deadmau5 Emblem

Introduction: Metal Deadmau5 Emblem

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Joel Zimmerman, or better known as Deadmau5, the famous electro/progressive house musician, has a logo thats almost impossible to forget, the mau5head! He has a massive helmet that he wears when he preforms but making that is to expensive/difficult for my liking, so I decided to make a small, mau5head out of steel. This project proved more difficult than I originallly thought but still wasnt too hard....

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

For this you wont need much=
1)3 large washers, not too expensive
2)1 small washer, (optional)
3) 2 nuts and bolts

Drilling through a washers smooth surface is not as easy as i thought, so you will need to roughen the metal in some way, you can flile it or run it under a grinding wheel, but i did it differently. the tools i used are
1) a drill press
2)a knife with a very sharp tip
3)a lighter (i use zippo, because the flame doesnt self extinguish)
4)a screwdriver (well yeah)
5)a hack saw, (if you use same sized bolts you can skip this step)

Step 2: Make the Metal Less Smooth

For this step, i heated up the metal with my lighter, so the knife will mark it better, dont heat the metal up too much and dont burn yourself :D then i marked the metal in the places where i planed to drill.
there are probably better ways to complete this step, i just did it like this so i could be inside for alot of this build (ireland claims its summer :P)

Step 3: Drilling

i made the mistake of using a smaller bit for this step so i had to repeat it, this step is pretty self explanitory, just drill where you have marked your washer, AND MAKE SURE YOUR USING THE RIGHT SIZED DRILL BIT :(
be careful during this step, wear a thick glove to protect your hand from the small shards of metal that fly off the washers while you drill them, and if nessiarry, wear googles :D

Step 4: Bolting and Sawing

bolt the ears to the head, the bolts are the eyes, sorry no mouth, i also used a small washer on one of the bolts. Then saw the backs of the bolts off to make them the same size.

I also ran the washers through the grinding whell to give it a destressed look, but thats optional :D

Step 5: Finished :D

now you have your own mau5head!! you could drill two small holes and make it a necklase or hang it on your wall, like what i did, more pics coming soon :D

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    Dusk Shadows
    Dusk Shadows

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry man i only real paid attention to the lighter because will...i like fire


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Deadmau5 (pronounced dead mouse) is probably the worlds best electro/progressive house producer
    those are some of his songs, he has alot, give him a listen, his songs are class :D him and skrillex are the reason i started to write dubstep/progressive house


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    you should also check out skrillex, modestep and knife party, also check out my facebook page (still cycone1764) coz i write dubstep/electro too