Metal Kings Crown

Introduction: Metal Kings Crown

I was looking for a cool crown for this years costume, and all I could find was paper, or felt crowns...King Henry VIII would never wear a felt crown....enjoy my 25 dollar crown.

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Step 1:

I bought a 8-6 inch reducer from the HVAC section of Lowes...

Step 2:

Measured out a pattern and using tin snip cut the pattern.  Used my Dremel to remove the sharps and sanded to ensure all edges were knocked down.

Step 3:

Applied 2 coats of Rust-oleum hammered finish antique pewter

Step 4:

Cut batting and installed.  Like an hours work not including 24 hour dry time for paint.  Enjoy.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    how's bout dipping that son'a bi*ch in gold and adding some jewels to it!! then it'd be even better, also you could put real fur onto it, then it would truly be fit for a king. :D