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Introduction: Metal Melting Furnace

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Another essential structure for the ‘make it extreme’ team is an oven for melting metallic objects and creating new ones. Therefore, we decided to make this oven in order to reclaim the useless metallic objects and create brand new structures in molds for the creation of random structures for various uses.

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Step 1: Metallic

To start with, we made cyclical, metallic wreaths. After using sheet metal layering on them, we managed to make 2 cylinders, from which the one is 10cm thick and it consists the cap and the other one is 65cm height and it is the body of our oven. Then, we closed the one side of each cylinder and we made a stoppered, cylindrical-shaped oven. Next, we put a metallic plate on the bottom of our oven in order to place a special molding pot.

Step 2: Ceramic Fiber

On the top, we made a hole to pass through the items that we need to melt. In addition, we can also check the state of our oven at the particular time through this hole. To keep our oven warm, we dressed it with mineral wool, which was dressed with ceramic fiber that is a material that endures in very high temperatures. Also, we placed a thermometer on the outer surface of the oven to be acknowledged of the internal temperature of our structure.

Step 3: Burner

Finally, we made an entrance at the bottom of the one side of the oven to place the burner that we manufactured in the previous video shared on our site. By just using a cylindrical gas we managed to get the temperature that we wanted in the internal surface of our oven. Regarding movement issues, we have also the solution as we placed wheels to be easy to move.

Step 4: Video

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    You definitely have the equipment and know how. Nice work.


    3 years ago

    Amazing! It looks professionally built (maybe it IS YOUR profession?) The cuts were made accurately and it seemed very simple.
    Having said that, I don't have the tools needed. Imagine making all those cuts needed in the build with a scroll saw and a hack saw?!
    Your furnace turned out wonderful and the video was very helpful in making the written instruction easier to understand.
    One final question - how much do you charge to make one?