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This instructable will detail one way to transfer a durable pattern onto metal for engraving, piercing etc.

To complete this instructable you will need the following materials:

A piece of metal sheet brass/copper/silver/whatever
Paper Towel
A Photocopy of the design you wish to transfer

Step 1: Get Your Photocopy

For this technique to work copier toner is the best way to do it. The toner from most multifunction machines will work as well, but not as nicely. Inkjet ink will not work.

and place it copy side down on the metal.

Step 2: Make the Transfer

Take a piece of paper towel that has been dampened(not soaked) in acetone and rub it on the back of the paper for a few seconds. Make sure that you hold the image firmly in place.

Step 3: Remove Your Paper

Slowly peel the paper away from the metal. If you have been successful then some of the toner should now be adhered to the metal. This will prove to be quite durable, and should not wear off on you. If you are unhappy with the results just wipe the image away with some more acetone and try again.



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    5 years ago on Step 3

    Thanks for the tip I am going to give it a try


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Just in time! I am doing a hobby project that will require a
    pattern tapped onto sheet copper. I had dreamed of a couple
    ways to accomplish this but all were a dream transferred into a nightmare. With this I can finish the project rather than toss into trash. Thank you. eckmur10