Metal Stamped Layered Pendant

Introduction: Metal Stamped Layered Pendant

Create a hidden message by metal stamping words of your choice on layered pewter and brass stamping blanks. Wear your handmade pendant in less than an hour!

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Step 1: Tools Needed

  • 5/8 Inch Brass Circle Stamping Blank
  • 15/16 Inch Pewter Circle Stamping Blank
  • 19 Gauge Jump Ring18 Inch Ball ChainLetter Stamps (your choice of font)
  • Stamp Straight Tape (or masking tape)
  • Chain Nose PliersFlat Nose PliersErgo-Angle Hammer (or other brass hammer)
  • Steel BlockStamp Enamel
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Permanent Marker
  • Q-tip

Step 2: Stamp the Word “be” on the Brass Blank Using the Stamp Straight Tape

  • Place tape on blank
  • Mark where each letter will be stamped with a permanent marker
  • Drag stamp until it meets the top of the tape
  • Strike the stamp once with medium force to stamp each letter

See Metal Stamping Basics Video for more.

Step 3: Stamp the Word of Your Choice in the Center of the Pewter Blank

  • Mark tape
  • Place brass blank on top to make sure the word will be covered
  • Stamp each letter by striking the stamp once with medium force

See Stamp Straight Video for more.

Step 4: Use Stamp Enamel on the Word Stamped on the Pewter

  • Cover the impression with stamp enamel
  • Use the Q-tip to ensure the enamel completely covers the impression
  • Wait 10-20 secondsBlot with a soft cloth
  • Wipe away the excess stamp enamel with a soft cloth

See Stamp Enamel for more tips and techniques.

Step 5: Open the Jump Ring Using Two Pairs of Pliers

Step 6: Slide Both Blanks Onto One End of the Jump Ring

Step 7: Close the Jump Ring

Step 8: Slide the Chain Through the Jump Ring

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    4 years ago

    Very cute idea, nicely done!


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    Thank you!