Metal and Steel Building Information

Introduction: Metal and Steel Building Information

Will I need a building permit for my building?

In most cases yes, but not always. Some locations do not require a permit to erect agricultural buildings. To be certain, check with your local building inspector before buying a building from a dealer.

What kind of drawings come with the building?

Typically computer-produced drawings include an anchor-bolt plan with reactions, which will give your foundation engineer all the information necessary to design the proper foundation for your building. The set should also include detailed diagrams of every connection used in your building, as well as cross-section diagrams for every part of the building, including the main frames, the framing for each wall, the roof sheeting, and the wall sheeting.

Do I need a foundation?

At the very least, you will need concrete piers for the columns to sit upon. Most people pour a full foundation, but if you are using the building on a farm or ranch and plan to have dirt, gravel, or sawdust floors, a pier system may be preferable. In these situations, a popular option is to combine piers with a concrete footing around the perimeter of the building. With a pier system, you will need to request the base girt option.

Will the builder provide the pier or foundation plan?

Since your foundation or pier system needs to be designed for the soil conditions in your area, you need a local engineer to provide your foundation plan. The builder should supply an anchor bolt plan with reactions, which will provide the engineer with the information they need about the building. You can often get a referral for a local engineer from a concrete supplier.

Can these buildings be erected without a concrete plan?

A foundation plan may not be required by your local code officials. In this case, a competent concrete supply company can use our anchor bolt setting plan and reactions to determine the needed PSI of your concrete. Check with your local officials to see what is required.

What if I already have a foundation I want to use for the building?

Assuming that your foundation is adequate, there are several types of anchor bolts that can be installed in an existing foundation. Your concrete engineer or supplier should be able to help you decide what options are best for your situation.

What foundation thickness is recommended?

Foundation thickness must be determined by a foundation engineer or your local officials. Typically foundations in the southern half of the U.S. tend to be 4 inches, while the thickness can exceed 8 inches in northern climates.

What kind of heavy equipment will I need?

That depends on the size of your building. We limit our bundle weights to a maximum of 4,000 pounds, and often a forklift or boom truck with a spreader bar is adequate. If you don’t think your equipment can handle a bundle of that weight, you can break the bundles down into smaller loads.

Accessories and aesthetic features are what affect price. Metal buildings are much like luxury cars, but with dozens of factors affecting not only price, but the fundamental design of the structure.



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