Metal Menora Led With an Adder Button

Introduction: Metal Menora Led With an Adder Button

So 3 Weeks ago I and 2 friends had to submit that project for a Hanuka contest about acceptance of others.

so we first started with a metal frame with 1 candlestick not welded,

and we managed to get a laser printed sign that says "Everyone is a little light and all the lights together are one big light".

and of course we got the frame rusty at first.

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Step 1: Cleaning and Preparing for a Paint Job

we got rid of some of the rust with a sand paper for the paint job so the paint sticks good to the frame,

then we cleaned the remaining rust and started with the first layer which was white.

after a day we painted the blue strips and finished painting with a glassy transparent layer.

and here is the result.

Step 2: Attaching the Led Strips and Making the Led Candle.

So the final step was to go and buy some blue and while led strips stick it to the frame and start working on the Arduino software for the led candles.

then we started to work on the head so each head is different from the other to represent the topic after that we duct the heads to the frame and this is the final result.

Step 3:

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! It looks like your menorah turned out great!