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Introduction: Metalcraft: See What Things Can Be.

About: Awesome Gear I've designed myself.
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2 years ago

I truly think your idea for kits is phenominal! :) Btw the butterfly is stunning.

I never got far enough into it to get a final price. I would guess about $15 if it would have been mass produced.


5 years ago

Well done!

I think you should win.

Yours is the idea with the most obvious consumer base (everyone who's ever commented on your instructables ever), and, i think, the idea most likely to turn into a successful business.

Also, you're a constant inspiration to aspiring and established metalworkers everywhere. I know more than a few of my projects included some of your ideas. 

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Congrats! I knew you would be a finalist! I wish you the very best! Keep on shining!

GO MR. B!!! I hope you win, you are so very talented & have really inspired others on this site!

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Mr. B
Great video
If you need any help with Laser Work i can help you out
intell you buy your laser.
Let me know.
Have a good day

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Great thanks! I still have a couple projects that with your help would be more then just an idea.

I would like to see you do all this.

You kind of encompass what I think "Craft" is all about.

I'm rooting for you, if you had a website I would go to it for inspiration and ideas.

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Anything I can do to help. I've made a ton of your bullet pins to hand out to curry favor at work with visiting admins and what not. Wore one of the job interview i promoted into. Was nice.

Want to see what you can do with a garage!

Good Luck! I love all your stuff and you story is really inspiring.... Would love to see your dream store come to life!

I know your dream will become a reality.

You are an exceptional craftsman and incredibly talented, and the world is ready for your next chapter!

This is a great video. You have amazing clarity and direction. Good luck! No one deserves to win more than you…