"Metalsmith" Acrylic on Wood Painting





Introduction: "Metalsmith" Acrylic on Wood Painting

About: Quirky gifts, colorful paintings, detailed drawings, silly graphics--I do it all.

Although I love to make just about anything out of anything else, painting is where I find I can really express myself. This newest piece was created for a metal-smithing friend of mine; using his work as an inspiration, I incorporated layers of metallic paints and tried to play with a lot of different textures within the work. This work draws from the metalsmith's unique mixes of metals, textures, techniques, and materials. I also kept the painting a bit smaller than I would normally work and with thicker sides to see if I could change the painting from a more 2-D plane into an object. The dramatic relief texture and reflective gold and copper paints really do some cool things in different light.

acrylic, gold powder, and medium on wood

You can see all of my other paintings at art.daveandemilyking.com if you like my work.



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    Great art piece! Thanks for sharing your hard work! Very artistic!