After a long time I finally made a display of wind speed on the Nextion display. Nextion is connected to the Wemos D1 and helps Blynk Cloud display the necessary data: maximum wind speed in kilometers per hour and maximum RPM, indoor and outdoor temperature. Internal and external temperature of SI7021. The SI7021 sensor is primarily designed for room temperature measurement, but it has proven to me to measure outdoor temperature, I have been out for two months and measured exactly.

All parts up to the WH1080 module are purchased from Aliexpress. Used parts: ESP 8266 DevKit, weather station for WH1080 module :, SI7021, Nextion Screen 3.5, 433 MHZ modules, BH1750, SI7021, BMP180, MHZ19, Wmos D1, 1.3 OLED module.


Step 1:

Step 2:



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