Metroid Hair Clip

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Oh no a Metroid has attacked me and is currently sucking my energy through my bright rainbow hair!

Or I just made a hair decoration, either are possible...

The Metroid video game series has always held a special place in my heart. If for no other reason than the main character was a woman wearing full practical body armor. Now my love for the series is from the Super Nintendo game, so I'm not going to go into what was done to Samus in other games...

For those that don't know Metroids are an enemy in the Metroid video games. They are parasitic monsters that feed on the energy of their victims, they come in various forms the one I chose is the most famous version.

This hair clip is made out of shrink plastic, two different kinds. A clear version and a opaque version that once shrunk were fused together via a 450 degree oven. Then covered in clear embossing powder to seal the color in.

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Step 1: Gather Materials!

1. Sharpies, or any other permanent marker

2. Clear Shrink Film

3. Matte or Opaque Shrink Film

4. 16 gauge craft wire, I had some black on hand

5. Clear Embossing Powder.

6. Scissor or boxcutter

7. Template, below with some notes

Step 2: Templates!

So this is template I used to create the hairpiece I made. I had to separate it into two pieces so it could be printed. If you feel like playing with the size or choice of subject just remember shrink film usually goes down to 33% of its original size.

Step 3: Follow the Video

Ok this is a pretty simple process and if you know about shrink film and fusing shrink film I'm not revealing anything new. But it was a fun project and if you're interested it's there.

Honestly the embossing powder is now my favorite thing. I kept looking for a good way to seal in color and clear embossing powder does an amazing job. Although now I feel an intense need to find all of the uses for embossing powder, if for no other reason than it comes in MILLION colors.



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    I love this!!