Mexican Brunch




What is a brunch?

A brunch is a meal that is taken late in the morning instead of both breakfast and lunch. Usually this meal has more food then a regular and simple breakfast almost as a normal lunch. By late in the morning I refer to past 11 am.

Step 1: The Materials

Mexican Brunch - For 3 or 4 People

1 - Cooking Tray

2 - Cooking Pot

3 - Drainer (not in the picture above)

4 - Cooking Spoon (not in the picture above)

5 - Knife

6 - 4 to 6 Wheat Tortillas

7 - Around 1 kg and 200 g of Baked Black Beans (I used 2 cans, 420 g and 820 g)

8 - Cheddar Cheese

9 - Olive Oil

10 - 1 Tea Spoon of Cumin Powder

11 - A bunch of coriander

12 - 1 Big Fresh Chilly Pepper

13 - A bunch of Dry Chilly Pepper's (Optional)

14 - 2 Tomatos (I used 4 small ones)

15 - 1 Onion

16 - 3 Garlic

17 - 6 Eggs

18 - Cooker and Oven

19 - Salt and Pepper (Optional) (not in the picture above)

20 - Grater (not in the picture above)

Step 2:

For this step you will need:

1 - 1 Onion

2 - 3 Garlic

3 - Olive Oil

4 - Cooking Pot

5 - Cooking Spoon

6 - Knife


Peel and chop off an onion in bits and put it in the cooking pot.

Do the same with the garlic.

Add some olive oil.

Mix it all up with the cooking spoon.

Check images above if you need.

Step 3:

For this step you will need:

1 - 1 Fresh Chilly Pepper

2 - 1 kg and 200 g of Baked Black Beans

3 - Drainer

4 - Knife


Chop of the big fresh chilly pepper and add it to the cooking pot mixture, and mix it once again.

(( It's your call to keep it's seeds or not, bear in mind that keeping the seeds will usually make the meal even hotter ))

Take the beans of the cans, pass them by water, let the water drain.

Step 4:

For this step you will need:

1 - 1 Tea Spoon of Cumin Powder

2 - Olive Oil

3 - 4 to 6 Wheat Tortillas


Add one tea spoon of cumin powder to the cooking pot, mix it and put the cooking pot on the cooker, to fry it, till the mixture turns golden.

While the mixture is cooking, grease the Cooking Porcelain Tray, and line it's bottom with the wheat tortillas.

Step 5:

For this step you will need:

1 - 2 Tomatos

2 - Baked Beans

3 - Salt and Pepper (optional)


With the mixture now golden, peel and chop off 2 tomatos and add them to the misture, mix it up until they fry.

Add the beans, now drained, to the cooking pot, add salt and pepper (as much as you want), let it sit for a bit, for the food to get the taste)

Step 6:

For this step you will need:

1 - 6 Eggs

2 - Cheddar Cheese


Turn up the oven at 180 ºC

Put the content of the cooking pot, now cooked, on the tray, above the tortillas.

Open 6 spaces in between the beans for the eggs, and put 1 egg in each space.

Grate the cheddar cheese (as much as you want) on top of the eggs and beans.

Put the tray on the oven for 15-20 min.

Step 7:

For this step you will need:

1 - A bunch of Coriander

2 - A bunch of dried Chilly Pepper's (Optional)


Now chop of the coriander (as much as you want) and add it to the top of the meal.

You may add Dry Chilly Peppers if you want, just chop them off and put them on top and mix it with the coriander.

((( Notice again that you can remove the seeds, and seeds or no seeds adding the dry chilly peppers, will certainly, make this food a lot hotter )))

Your meal is ready, if you want to serve it, use a knife from the top to cut the tortilla on the bottom, put the the cooking spatula or other cooking tools between the tray and the tortilla, pull it up and put in on a plate.

Enjoy your meal :

NOTE: By the way the Tomatos, Eggs, Coriander, and Olive Oil are homemade.

NOTE 2: Save the cans from the baked beans you might be able to do some cool stuff with them.

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    2 years ago

    This sounds delicious! I love how the tortillas make the 'crust'!

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    Nreal Sparkwold630

    Reply 2 years ago

    It is indeed I just ate it like 5 or 6 hours ago :P