Mexican Tacos

Introduction: Mexican Tacos

Ok so I am going to address this first thing before I get a hundred comments. I know Mexican Tacos sounds redundant but it is on the menu at a restaurant here in town. So this is my take on that taco. Here goes.

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Step 1: Ingredents

Pork Tenderloin  -
Corn Tortillas
1 Small Onion Chopped
1 Bunch Cilantro
1 lime
Verde Salsa  -
Vegetable Oil

Step 2: Cut, Cook & Assemble

Take your pork and cut it up into small cubes. Heat a couple tablespoons oil in a skillet and brown. Chop your onion and tear your cilantro leaves into small pieces. Now heat a skillet and a drop of oil using medium heat to fry your tortillas. After your tortillas are cooked its time to assemble the tacos. Place your meat into a tortilla and top with onion, cilantro, verde salsa and squeeze a lime over it all. I really hope you like these tacos!! I cant get enough of them!! Thanks for looking!

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