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Make Mexican tin folk art with simple items from the hardware store and supplies I'll be you already have.


Step 1: Watch the Quick Video Tutorial!

Step 2: You'll Need

Aluminum flashing

Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints

Loteria Images (below)

Pattern of Heart (below)

Serrated edge scissors or tin shears

Needle nose pliers

E-6000 Glue

White school glue

Plastic cabochon flowers

Sequins and glitter


Hammer and large nails

Scrap wood

Step 3: Print and Cut

Print out these loteria images and this pattern for this project

Step 4:

Trace and cut your pattern in aluminum flashing using serrated scissors (or tin shears)

Cut out a loteria image and trace around it adding 1/4" all the way around

Cut off the corners and bend them upward with pliers to create a small frame

Using a large nail and scrap wood, tap a design into the heart

*Tap a hole through the top so you can hang it when you're done

Step 5: Paint!

Paint your heart with Americana Multi-Surface Satin in vibrant colors

Paint your small frame to match

*Click HERE for inspiration

Step 6: Glue and Hang

When the paint is dry, glue on the flower cabochons and the frame with E-6000 glue

Using white glue, add the loteria image in the frame

Add more glue to add sequins and glitter inside and around the frame



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    3 Discussions

    Uncle Kudzu

    4 years ago

    Wow, thanks for sharing i'ble, video, and link! Very cool. These would look good for Dia de los Muertos celebrations.

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great Ible! Very clear and you make it look like fun. Thanks for posting it!