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My Mexican pen pal with whom I have been corresponding for the last 16 years, sent me this Mexican Turkey Pie  recipes which is supposed to be one of her favourite.The filling ingredients looks yummy.Only after I tasted it ,I knew the real taste of it.This is a quick and easy recipe if you have all the necessary stuffs at home.
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Step 1: Ingredients

2 Sheets Puff Pastry
2 cups shredded cooked turkey
250 gr sour cream
2 Table spoon Tomato Relish
1 Tea spoon ground cummin
1/2 Table spoon Chillie flakes
2 table spoon finely chopped  Parsley
Salt  to taste
Ground black pepper to taste
1 egg -for coating

What you need to cook the Turkey

2-3 Table spoon oil
1 onion
1-1 1/2 tea spoon chillie powder
1/2 Tea spoon turmaric  powder
2-3 tea spoon Curry powder.
2 cloves garlic -not in picture
Salt to taste

Step 2: Cook Turkey

Cut the onions into small pieces  and temper in the hot oil.Grind  the garlic  and add to the oil.When the onion color changes and when you smell the garlic aroma  throw in the  turkey and mix together..Add salt  and leave it covered on slow flame.Time to time mix it a little bit,half done  add the other dry ingredients and cook on slow fire.Add little bit water only  if necessary.Cook with out gravy.

Step 3: Shred the Turkey

Once the cooked turkey is cool,use your grinder to  shred the turkey.

Step 4: Mix All

Now add sour cream,Tomato relish,cummin,black pepper,chillie flakes chopped parsely,and salt to the turkey and mix with your hand..I used more parsely than the given recipe as I love this.Hmm this filling is really nice for the bread or Rotti as a spread.The tomatoe Relish is home made which I have it bottled and use it as and when I need.

Step 5: Roll + Cut + Fill

If you have the puff pastry in the freezer ,leave it out over night to defrost.Pre heat the oven to 200°C .
Place a sheet of pastry on a sheet of baking paper and roll out until you can cut it into a 24cm circle.Use a cake tin or a plate as a guide.Spread the turkey mix over the pastry leaving a 2cm border.Roll out the second sheet of pastry a little larger than the first,so you can cut it into 25cm circle.Place over the pie and use a fork to crimp the two sheets of pastry together all around the edge.

Step 6: Decorate and Brush

Decorate the top with cut out left over pastry and brush the top with beaten egg.

Step 7: Bake & Enjoy

Now bake the pie until it is golden and puffed for about 20-25 minutes.Serve warm or at room temperature.

Thank you for taking time to view this delicious Mexican Turkey Pie.

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    Zai Rameez

    5 years ago

    Waaaw! This looks nice and tasty... :p it's a mouth watering dish.... (y)


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    This looks wonderful and so delicious! Thanks for sharing :-)


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    oh...that is so pretty and mouth watering! Your recipes are always wonderfully presented :-)

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    5 years ago

    looks yum yum