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In This Instructable I'll Show You How To Make My Knex Battle Bot.

Here Is A Video Of My Knex Battle Bot In Action:

The Program I Used Is Called MlCad Knex.
Here Is The Download:
You Just Download It And Then Extract It To Your Desktop.
Then Open That Map (Its Called Knex) And In That Map Click MLCad.

I Know There Are Many Steps But Its Just To Make It Easier.

Step 1: Things You Will Need.

Things You Will Need (It May Be Possible That You Need More Or Less Pieces Of One Kind When I Miscounted Myself) :

2X Battery Power Pack (Picture 1) (If You Have, Use 2 Fast Knex Motors. I Didn't, Cause I Don't Have Any).
1X Tethered Power Pack Motor (I Call It Longcable Motor) (Picture 2) (If You Have, Use 1 Fast Knex Motor. I Didn't, Cause I Don't Have Any).
1X Gray Gear (Picture 3)
8X Red Gear (Picture 4) (I Also Used Yellow Gears Instead Of Reds But I Cut Off The Teeth At The Side)
4X Wheel (Picture 5 + 6 but connected) (I Just Couldn't Find A Picture Of Them Together)
Purple 3D Connectors: 36X
Blue 3D Connectors: 11X
White Rods: 69X
Blue Rods: 28X
Yellow Connectors: 10X
Yellow Rods: 15X
Red Connectors: 10X
Gray Connectors: 41X
Gray Connectors (with 2 ends): 9X
Gray Spacers: 7X
Blue Spacers: 32X
Tan Connectors: 14X
Red Rods: 22X
Orange Connectors: 15X
Black Connectors: 8X (Picture 7)
White Connectors (snowflake): 2X
Orange Flex Rods: 2X
Green Rods: 3X
Green Connectors: 25X
Micro Chain Links: 53X

Step 2: Step 1

Just Make This

Step 3: Step 2

Just Make This

Step 4: Step 3

Just Make This

Step 5: Step 4

Connect These

Step 6: Step 5

Make These

I Used A Camera For This Step Because The Program I Use (MLCad Knex) Doesn't Support A Motor, The Spacers,...

Step 7: Step 6

Just Make This

Step 8: Step 7

Connect These

Step 9: Step 8

Make This (This Part Is For The Left Side And Next Step Is For The Right Side)

Step 10: Step 9

Make This

Step 11: Step 10

Make This

Step 12: Step 11

Connect These.
I Know It Is A Difficult Step (Actually The Most Difficult Of All) But Try To Make It, When You've Done This You're Almost Done.

When You Have Trouble To See The Arrows Click The i At The Top Left Corner. And There Click "Original Size" So A Large Image Will Pop Up.

Step 13: Step 12

Make This

Step 14: Step 13

Connect These

Step 15: Step 14

Make These

I Used A Camera For This Step Because The Program I Use (MLCad Knex) Doesn't Support A Motor, The Spacers,...

Step 16: Step 15

Make This.

Step 17: Step 16

Connect Like This.

Step 18: Step 17

Make This

Step 19: Step 18

Connect These.
So You Should Get This At The Front Side Of The Bot.

Step 20: Step 19

Connect Step 17 So You Should Get The Front Side Like This.

Step 21: Step 20

Just Make This.
You're Almost Done.

Step 22: Step 21

Connect The Latest Piece.

Step 23: Step 22

The Final Step, Putting On The Chains (Micro Chain Links).
I Made 2 Videos Of It.

The Video Shows You How To Put Up The Chains On Both Sides Of The Battle Bot.

The First Video Is Of The Left Chain (26 Micro Chain Links Are Needed)

The Second Video Is Of The Right Chain (27 Micro Chain Links Are Needed)

When You've Done This You're Finally Finished! Congratulations!!!



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    Grammar isn't putting capitals on the first letter of every word. You put capitals on the first letter of every sentence. Like this. Not Like This.


    9 years ago on Step 1

     Where does that virtual motor come from?
    I dont find it in my directorie

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Step 1

    first of all, srry that i let you w8 so long but i was a bit busy.

    If you mean where you can find 'the virtual motor' in mlcad knex, the answer is nowhere. Its just a snapshot (=picture) of a knex motor. Same way with all the other parts on this page.

    I Know But I Couldn't Get A Better 'Spike' On It, I Tried It Already With A Very Small Pencil And Some Tape But That Doesn't Works Well.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Please post a link to the site that you downloaded this version of mlcad from, my version doesn't have as many parts.