Michiels Knex Wii Wheel With Auto-Centering (V1)

Introduction: Michiels Knex Wii Wheel With Auto-Centering (V1)

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This Is My Knex Wii Wheel With Auto-Centering. This Means That When You Turn The Wheel, It Will Automatically Center Itself. The Bottom Looks A Bit Weird But Its Handy, You Can Set The Height.
A Knex Wii Wheel With Auto-Centering Wasn't My Idea, I Saw It At Instructables (Made By Bartboy).
I Called This V1 Because I Think I'll Make A V2 Of It. But I Don't Now When I'll Make That.

If You Have Any Questions Or Problems, Please Leave A Message. Maybe That Will Also Help Me For The V2. Ofcourse You May Also Leave A Message, Just For Your Opinion.

Tip: You Can See The Pictures At Full Scale, So It's Easier To Build. This Is How To:
1) Go To Te Picture You Want To See At Full Scale.
2) Then (At The Top Left Corner) Click The "i" Icon. Now You'll Be Redirected.
3) Now Click "1600 x 1200" At The Left. Now You've Got The Full Scale Picture!

Parts List:

- Green Rods: 23
- White Rods: 53
- Blue Rods: 24
- Yellow Rods: 10
- Red Rods: 6
- Gray Rods: 1

- Gray Connectors: 58
- Gray Connectors With 2 "Teeth": 2
- Red Connectors: 5
- Green Connectors: 4
- Yellow Connectors: 0
- Blue Connectors: 12
- Purple Connectors: 8
- White Connectors (=Snowflakes): 6
- Orange Connectors: 43
- Tan Connectors: 6
- Black Connectors (See Picture): 20
- Ball Socket Connectors: 2

- Gray Spacers: 11
- Blue Spacers: 30

- 2 Identic Rubber Bands
- Ofcourse 1 Wii Mote

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Step 1: The Bottom (Part 1)

This Is How To Make The First Part Of The Bottom:

- Pic1: Build This Twice.

- Pic2: Build This 6 Times.

- Pic3: Build This (Once).

- Pic4: Connect Like This.

- Pic5: Different View (Of Pic4).

- Pic6: Connect Like This.

- Pic7: Build This Twice.

- Pic8: Different View (Of Pic7).

- Pic9: Different View (Of Pic7).

- Pic10: Build This.

- Pic11: Connect Like This.

- Pic12: Different View (Of Pic11).

- Pic13: Connect The Two Major Pieces Like This.

Now Is The First Part Of The Bottom Finished!

Step 2: The Bottom (Part 2) and the Frame.

This Is How To Make The Second Part Of The Bottom And The Frame:

- Pic1: Build This.

- Pic2: Build This Twice.

- Pic3: Build This.

- Pic4: Connect Like This.

Now Are The Second Part Of The Bottom And The Frame Finished!

Step 3: The Gray Rod

I Called This Step "The Gray Rod" Because I Couldn't Find A Good Name For This Part.

Pic1: Build This. This Is The Frame You Made In Step 2 + A Gray Rod, Spacers, ... Added.

Pic2: Different View (Of Pic1).

Pic3: Different View (Of Pic1).

Pic4: Connect Pic1 With Pic1 Of Step 2.

Now Is The Gray Rod Finished!

Step 4: The Steer

This Is How To Make The Steer. For Me, The Steer Is The Worst Part. It Has To Be More Compact. But I Just Can't Get It. Maybe You Guys Have Some Ideas.

Pic1: Build This Twice.

Pic2: Build This.

Pic3: Build This Twice.

Pic4: Build/Get This.

Pic5: Connect Like This.

Pic6: Connect Like This.

Pic7: Connect Like This.

Pic8: Build This.

Pic9: Build This.

Pic10: Connect Like This.

Pic11: Different View (Of Pic10).

Now Is The Steer Finished!

Step 5: Adding the Steer to the Gray Rod

This Is How To Add The Steer To The Gray Rod.

Pic1: Add Spacers And Tan Connectors.

Pic2: Add Spacers.

Now You've Connected The Steer To The Gray Rod.

Step 6: Connecting the Three Major Pieces

In This Step You'll Connect The Bottom (1), The Bottom (2) And The Whole Frame To Each Other. If You Want To Reset The Height, You'll Have To Overdo This Step.

Pic1: Brake Down From Bottom (1).

Pic2: Brake Down From Bottom (2).

Pic3: Connect Bottom (1) To Bottom (2).

Pic4: Connect Bottom (1) To Bottom (2).

Pic5: Connect The Other Part Of Bottom (1) To Bottom (2).

Pic6: Connect The Frame Like This.

Pic7: Connect The Frame Like This.

Now You've Connected The Three Major Pieces.

Step 7: The Rubber Bands and Get Ready to Play.

In This Step You'll Add The Rubber Bands And The Wii Mote.

Pic1: Pull The Rubber Band Beneed The White Rod.

Pic2: Connect It To The Ball Socket Connector.

Pic3: Disconnect Here.

Pic4: Pull Trough The Wii Mote. You'll Here A "Click" When You Pull It True. Don't Worry About That, Its The Clip To Hold The Batteries.

Pic5: Reattach.

Pic6: An Example Of Putting The Wrist Strap Away, So It Won't Annoy You.

Now You're Ready To Play! Have Fun!!!

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