Mickey Mouse Lifesize Cut Out

Introduction: Mickey Mouse Lifesize Cut Out

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I wanted to have a lifesize mickey mouse for my sons 1st birthday but they cost around £30 to buy. So i decided to make my own for free (minus the cost of ink!).

This is how i made it...

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Step 1: RasterBator

Logon to  


and download the rasterbator standalone zip file.

The rasterbator simple changes the image to dots to make the image as large as you want it.

Step 2: Download Images

Goto google and type 'mickey mouse high res' to find high resolution images. (the higher the resolution, the better the quality when enlarged).

Download the image then open Rasterbator.exe

Step 3: Rasterbator Settings

Open the image with rasterbator then select your paper size.
UK is normally A4 and US is LETTER.

Next Change the settings to see how big you want your cut out (how many pages big).

Step 4: Dot Size

The dot size indicates how big you want the dots to be. I chose around 3mm because the smaller the dot the better the detail. But it upto you, just play around!

Make sure you select 'Multi-color' so that your image comes out colored and not black and white.

After you have finished click next, and your ready to rasterbate!!

Step 5: Printing

Your file should be saved as a pdf file. Now its just a case of opening up the pdf and clicking print.

Step 6: Finishing Off

Now its just a case of sticking the paper to a big piece of cardboard. I used a big sign from my local supermarket that they were throwing out, but any card will do.

I glued the paper on and then cut around the card to create the cut out. The paper overlaps to make it easier to assemble. Apart from a few faint lines it looks just like a £30 cut out for the price of glue and ink. 

I would recommend using a laser printer, as it has a few advantages. Its faster to print, overall cheaper, and if it gets when it wont run like ink does.  

And that's basically it. The perfect addition to a party :D

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    ok did you use a specific printer and paper mine look like little dots and it does not look perfect like your picture ????


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, i used a standard hp printer with standard paper. i changed the dot size to around 3mm (the default is 10mm). Close up, myne looks like dots aswell. it takes some playing around to get it right. Good luck!