Drawn Mickey Mouse Ornament

Introduction: Drawn Mickey Mouse Ornament

Everybody likes Disney and mickey Mouse is the most famous of all Disney characters. This is a fun project. I will post an easier one for kids that also is mickey, but a little easier than this one. Both look great. Here's how you make this ornament. 
    1. Collect Supply
    2. Make a sketch, color, and cut out the Mickey Mouse and his hand
    3. Glue or stick the hand and the Mickey on the ornament.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is a list of the supplies I would recommend, but you can improvise.
2.Duck Tape or Hot Glue
3.Printer Paper
4.A Mickey Mouse picture you can work off of.
5.A Pencil
6.A gel pen
8.Soft Pastels

Step 2: First Step

You need to make a sketch of your mickey mouse. I free handed the drawing, but if there is trouble you can trace the mickey by putting a blank piece of paper over a mickey and trace it.

Step 3: Second Step

You need to color the mickey in with the drawing materials you have, cut the mickey out, and tape or glue it to the ornament. Below is what it should some what look like.

Step 4: Finished Product

This was a fun project for me and I enjoyed it. I think it looks good, but this project can be altered the way you would like it. The Mickey does not have to be that specific mickey you can find any mickey you want. This project is fun and enjoyable. This can be a keepsake for anyone. This is also a good Christmas gift.

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