Mickey Toy Submarine

Introduction: Mickey Toy Submarine

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When the grands/nephews ask Mother Daughter Projects to make them something, well, this grandma and aunt can't say no!

Tyler, the older of the two, asked us to make a submarine for his stuffed animal friend and of course, Andrew, wanted one too. The submarine had to be "like Mickey's" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He directed us to the cartoon episode where we could find a picture of it so we could do our "research!" We came up with a similar enough looking submarine, that floated, and pleased both of the boys. Take a look at how we made the subs from mostly recycled materials.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Step 2: Gather Materials

  • (2) Plastic containers with lids
  • Soda bottle
  • (2) Wood down
  • Paint
  • Painter's tape
  • Plastic top to a container (old tupperware type top from the free bin of a yard sale)
  • Pool noodle
  • Sugru
  • Hot glue gun
  • E6000
  • Mickey charm (this is a charm that goes on a magic band and the other is the back to a disney pin)

Step 3: Cut Out Fins

First we made a template of the plastic lid to help us when designing the sub fin. We folded the template in half and cut out our design so that both halves would be the same.

We laid out our template and traced two fins. Steph cut those out as Vicki prepared the first container for paint. She used painters tape to mark off where the stripe will be.

Step 4: Paint

Steph cut the top off the soda bottle to make the cone decoration for the top of the sub and painted it yellow. Vicki painted the inside of the container instead of the outside because the paint we use was not waterproof.

Step 5: Make Top Fins

We painted the dowl that will connect the cone to the roof and Vicki traced out the fins that will attach to the top of the sub. She hand drew all of this based on the original Mickey sub.

Vicki cut out the fins and painted them. She also painted the main bottom fins red.

Step 6: Attach Bottom Fin

We used hot glue to attach the bottom fin but for a more permanent bond we would use a different glue like e6000.

Step 7: Cut Out and Attach Pool Noodle Wheels

Step 8: Attach Top Embellishments

We used Sugru which is a moldable, water proof glue. Sugru comes in all different colors so we thought the red would be great for this! Sugru takes 24 hours to cure so we propped up our elements while they dried.

Step 9: Test Them Out!

The boys loved them but a few days later they took them out in a rain storm...the subs didn't make it out in one piece :( Oh well, they were cute and fun but we learned they are not heavy duty enough for rough water play.

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