Micro Drone

This instructable will teach you how to build your very own micro drone.it is fast agile and very well protected when using the canopy as it is very strong.the bottom plate of the frame is also very strong so these put together should protect you from any bumps so it is great for begginers.

you will need:

4x 7mm motors

4x propellors

one control boardmax 27x27mm

1s lipo

3d printer/3d hubs

Step 1: Gathering the Parts

gather all of the electronics to build the drone and if a bigger drone board is needed just dont print the canopy and then you should be able to fit a bigger one if wanted.

Step 2: Printing the Frame

print the frame or get it printed off 3d hubs if you do not have a 3d printer.

3d hubs link:


Step 3: After Printing

after printing is done lightly file the parts for a nice and clean fit for all of the electronics.

Step 4: Adding the Electronics

now add the electronics to the frame,solder the motors onto the board first.when knocking the motors into place be careful not to trap any of the wires as this will cause them to break.aftert adding the motos stick the board down with some double sided tape.then add the props and lipo and have a fun flight.



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