Micro Electromagnet

Introduction: Micro Electromagnet

About: Ilike to invent things but i rarely do so!

Hi, this is my first instructable,so please leave some comments

(of course no harsh ones).i always lose some of the tiny screws

While working in my wolkshop.So i thought up a project for holding my screws

Yes! its a micro and Powerful electromagnet.

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Step 1: What Do You Need?

You will need:

A motor(working/not working)

a 9v cell

Electrical tape

Tools needed:

scissors(for cutting tape)


compasses(one used for drawing circles)

Step 2: Open the Motor

Open the motor using pliers and compass

you will get a metal casing, terminal (plastic part at the back)

and a coil.

Step 3: Putting Together

Put together the coil and 9v cell as shown.

let he coil and the smaller end be touching the terminals.

the longer end will be free as it has to attract screws.

and tape these together.

Step 4: Yeah You Have Done It.

You have finished your screw keeper.

please leave comments.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Not harsh. Just sayin'. Congrats on finishing your first Instructable!